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Some days, that’s the only thing that keeps you going! Now, I don’t know about you, but before encountering #mumlife, I loved sleep. Eight hours a night was standard and required for me to function properly at my job. If I snuck the odd extra hour or two in that was a welcome bonus. But now, since Harold has come along, how things have changed! My standard night is six hours of sleep, seven hours is exciting, eight hours is uncommon and any more than that is as rare as hen’s teeth!

I am luckier than some mothers as my six month old started sleeping through the night from about one month old. #Winning, am I right? However, every now and then he likes to throw a curve ball at me. I’ll get to bed at midnight, then he’ll be crying for a feed at 2am and again at 5am then wake up at 6:30am when Daddy (Mitchell) gets home from night shift! And of course, those are the days where you have unavoidable appointments; the ones where you have to go out into the world, look presentable and interact with people, when all you want to do is curl into a ball on the couch, binge watch trash TV with a bowl of popcorn and sleep!

So that’s when it’s time to break out the coffee. I never used to be a coffee drinker. I was all about that bass... I mean soft drink. But then one cold Winters day of around 18° (we live in the Tropics, okay, that’s classed as cold up here!) I was introduced to a delicious blend of coffee from a new local café, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since I was a late passenger on the coffee train, I’ve been able to keep my intake fairly low, usually only one or two a day, except for those days where you are flat out dressing the baby, let alone yourself. That’s when I just stop counting the cups so I don’t have to judge myself later when my button doesn’t do up on my jeans.

So to all the mums out there who are managing (barely) to hold it together through the joy of (sometimes copious amounts of) coffee, here’s to you! You’re doing an amazing job! I’d love to hear about your little munchkins’ night time habits and the level of caffeine you require to keep up with them during the day!

Chat soon!
April xo

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